Copper is a group 11, period 4, d-block element with standard atomic weight 63.546. Copper is the best non-precious metal conductor of electricity, transfers heat well, and malleable and ductile. Through alloying, it can extend its properties further.

Major product categories of internationally traded copper include: concentrates, blister, anode, cathode and ingots, semis, and of course scrap of many descriptions.

Copper, either elemental or alloyed, finds use in buildings construction, for electrics, plumbing, and architecture, in infrastructure in electrical and telecommunication applications, and in equipment manufacture for industry, transportation, consumer products, electronics and cooling equipment.

The price paid for a copper containing product is made by reference to the price on an exchange such as the London Metal Exchange, in this case the price for one metric ton of grade A/Grade 1 ingot. the price paid will be a percentage of the exchange price, depending on the percentage of copper contained in the product, and the impurities and format.